Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants and Coffee Spots in Boston

One of my favorite things to do before traveling anywhere is save a whole lot of plant based restaurants and coffee shops for major cities on my IG account. Since I knew I would be heading to Boston since Fall of of 2017 I had been tucking away places there a must-try. I also used Fitt City, a healthy living online destination for 22 U.S. Cities, to also help me plan my Boston itinerary. 

For our Boston trip, we stayed in Fenway Park area and were able to walk 2-3 blocks to a lot of local spots. Luckily, the area we stayed in also was home to a lot of the places I had been travel lusting over on IG. I recommend really looking up spots and making note of the neighborhood they are in. This can help a whole lot in figuring out where you want to stay. There are SO MANY very cool coffee spots and plant based (vegan/vegetarian) restaurants in Boston so it was hard to really get to all of them. I wasn't able to eat at a few of them, but will definitely be back soon to try more. 

Here is a few of places we hit up on our trip to Boston:

Tatte Bakery

Tatte has several locations around the Greater Boston area.  The clean, simple, and minimal black and white vibes draws in so many crowds to this cafe. Fredis and I actually ate here 3 times during  our stay (twice for breakfast and lunch). We ordered the yogurt parfait, a pair of lattes, and the sweet potato crudite toast.The toast was so yummy, filling, and didn't slack on the taste. Make sure to also grab one of their decadent pastries before you leave (if you can decide which one to try) !


Jugos Supremo

This spot is one where you can find only the locals sitting at. Inside  Jugos supremo you're warmly welcomed by the island-y music and bright colors all around the juicery. They have a small breakfast/lunch menu, but everything sounds so tasty! The coffee menu also has a few latino touches with flavors of chocolate and cinnamon added to their cafecitos. For our breakfast visit we ordered coffees, waffles drizzled with almond butter and fruit, and sweet potato-black bean bowl. There are two locations in Boston, so make sure to find one, order cafecitos, and enjoy yourself. 


By Chloe. 

By Chloe, was one of the spots I had been eyeing for a few years due to it's all vegan menu of american classics. It's menu is part kids birthday party nostalgia and for the health conscious eater. Fredis and I decided to order two classics: vegan hot dog and the jackfruit BBQ burger. Both were utterly delicious, and left us feeling like being vegan foods are definitely here to stay in America. Most of the Chloe restaurants are in select cities, but crossing my fingers for Houston to host one soon! If  you are in one of thier cities check this one out and bring your omnivore friend!




Sweetgreen seemed to be a healthy eating staple for Bostonians. It was the easy on-the-go one stop restaurant for healthy veggie bowls for lunch and dinner. We had just dropped our suitcases off in our Air BnB and stopped in for dinner right before the started closing and were so pleased to see they still had everything stocked. SG had plenty of leafy greens, a variety of grains and beans, as well as veggies to add to your bowl. You can customize as you like or get one of their signature bowls. Again, this place is offered in select cities and hope they make it to Houston soon! We definitely need more fast, casual healthy eating restaurants. 


Pavement Coffee House 

Pavement was one of the coffees shops that is filled with students, young professionals, and Boston Proper locals that love a good coffee and chat it up mid-day. There's a lot of locations all across the Boston Proper area, so it was hard to not walk by one and be drawn into it's warm shop. We dropped in on our cold walk back to our stay and decided to order a sandwich and quick cup to go. They make their bread fresh  (wish I would have taken a pic), and have other little treats like this bowl (via @eatsbyames) to enjoy with other coffee shops. 


Caffe Nero

Caffe Nero was around the block from us and sports a cozy decor that makes you feel like you are sitting at home by the fire (lol). Super clean and inviting. Fredis and I ordered a cafe au lait, espresso, and pistachio muffin. The coffee was great and even though we didn't anything super fancy, we both agreed it was a simple gem that we could come back to if we lived in Boston. Next time, I'll be sure to order the cold brew because it seemed to be big hit around town. Everyone seemed to be en route with a Caffe Nero cold brew. Locals know best, right? (pic by @dsuchenek)


Already planning by next city to visit and scoping out the eat and drinks scene! Any wellness cities you recommend traveling to!?


Let's Shine,