15 Things Runners Always Understand

SO EXCITED for Global Running Day today! It's also the first day to register for the January 2019 Houston Aramco Half Marathon and Houston Chevron Marathon. There are a ton of events happening all over Houston so if you're a runner clock in some miles and celebrate at one of the GRB events.

If you’re not then you definitely should try to run today and make some new friends at the events. Running friends are hands down the best people. 

Instead of sharing how personal running is to me today I wanted to switch it up and just blog some fun stuff today about running. Throughout my years of running here some things the awesome running community just seem to get.My list of 10 things only runners understand: 

  1. Use the bathroom before any kind of run
  2. There's a difference between regular socks versus running socks
  3. Social runs are incomplete without a beer
  4. It didn't happen if it's not on STRAVA
  5. What STRAVA actually is
  6. Always judge a marathon by it's finisher medal
  7. Stay on the right side of the lane/trail/sidewalk is a must
  8. How to pronounce 'fartlek' correctly
  9. Question if it's bad weather to run outside in rain storm 
  10. How difficult the marathon is at mile 21
  11. Pre-race bathroom breaks
  12. Compare elevation and heart rate in training cycles
  13. How long a marathon is 
  14. How important your running friends are to your training :)
  15. Start to think of distance in terms of meters or miles 

plus one more: how it feels when you finish your first marathon!  

What would you add to this list? i'd love to know what you've found to be true by runners!

Let's Shine,