How Float Spa Meditation Can Up Your Mental Game

I love meditation and all the benefits it has provided me: less anxiety, reduced stress, more gratitude, and more focus in my every day life. BUT it is has been so hard to carve out time to meditate. Anyone have a hard time with this?

Most of the time, my running supplements that meditation piece and serves as my "meditation in motion", but its still nice to be able to not do anything and 

Thanks to Healing Waters Float Spa in Midtown area,I was able to practice my meditation for 45 mins in a whole new way. I came out of the spa feeling SO. DAMN. HAPPY. & it was even better because I had a chance to see how I would perform later that day at a 2 mile relay race.

But first..

What is a float spa therapy?

Imagine meditating in a large and enclosed bath tub with ambient music and different colored lights. You are completely blocked off from external stimuli-temperature, sound, and touch. In the chamber you are floating in the water that is filled with epsom salt and calibrates itself to your body temperature to help you re-energize yourself, relax, and start healing your body.

Who does it benefit?

This kind of therapy can help anybody with high stress jobs, anxiety, and those that want to optimize performance in sports, work, or everyday life. 

What kind of benefit does it provide?

Float spa therapy or sensory deprivation therapy can provide benefits of stress relief, increased immunity, pain management, sleep regulation, and enhance recovery. It can also help with your meditation efforts to help you redirect thoughts and  focus on certain tasks.

What should I expect when I go to a float spa?

One thing to expect is to be ready to meditate without any clothes for up to 45 minutes or more. Be willing to take off jewelry, remove make up, insert wax ear plugs, and shower before and after session (shower, towels, and toiletries are provided in spa).

What does it feel like? Does it hurt?

The water was the perfect temperature for me, my skin was a little tingly from the bath salts, and was able to use a 'halo' to help my neck and head relax. It did not hurt laying in the water, however it is advised to not shave the day to avoid a bit of skin irritation from salts.



What my experience was like: 

Since I normally run for 45 mins or more, I felt pretty confident I would be able to last the 45 mins minimum in the flotation chamber.  When I first started floating in the chamber, I felt pretty curious as to what would happen. I shut my eyes, put the halo behind my head,and started to practice on my deep breathing exercises.

After about 20 minutes of feeling kind of odd laying in a pod filled with water, I started to feel enthusiastically happy and felt a lot gratitude waves. I felt really happy about my life: family, friends, my job, etc and started to really be thankful about how lucky I am to be alive. I also started to reflect on the small victories from this year: cooking events, charity work, running, finishing up Boston, still blogging  for 2 years now, etc. 

I started to also think about what I wanted to do and pumped myself up in doing them soon. Meditation also helps me look at my fears surround my goals and helps me work through any distress, tension, and hesitancy that comes up. It also helps me focus on tasks throughout the rest of the day and work through them one by one.

After the meditation float session was done, It felt really rejuvenated, relax, and could myself shaking and tingling. I also had the widest grin on my face! lol

I got out of the chamber, rinsed myself off, put on a rob, grabbed my bag and proceeded to the tea and reading area. I didn't even realize it but I ended up sitting there for a whole extra hour soaking in my experience in therapy! I could NOT GET OVER how happy I felt, and that my skin looked like it was glowing! 



The environment of Healing Waters Float Spa is also SUPER RELAXING. They really paid attention to details such as salt crystals lining the windows to help with cleansing as soon as you enter. I also loved that after the float experience you can so re-center and re-align with yourself before you leave. In the meditation room, there are books available on different calming  or healing practices, you can freshen yourself up with eco-friendly products, and sip on tea. 

Below are some photos to see what it is like inside. 



Later that day at the race, it helped to keep my relaxed and cheerful rather than nervous and anxious. After the race, I did notice that I was very focused on the race, and didn't let my mind wander like it normally does. I was able to really push myself and keep going. I also stayed optimistic on how I was competing given the 100 degree 4pm heat we were racing in. I also slept really really well and didn't even wake up until 9 hours later that night. 

Wrap up of benefits: 

  • increased sense of happiness
  • relaxation
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • enhanced focus
  • improved quality of sleep

Each person is different and benefits may vary, but I really recommend doing this therapy at least once just to help you examine where my mind goes and how your body reacts to those thoughts. Its really insightful and can provide a deeper understanding on how we 'tick'. 



Would you try sensory deprivation float therapy or at least meditation?

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Let's Shine,