Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated During Your Summer Workouts

The Summer sun is officially here in Houston! The Houston Harrier track workouts have been feeling a little harder especially with the sun beating down on the track at 6 pm. In order to really do well on your summer workouts and not pass out from heat exhaustion, it is SO SO SO important to stay on top of the hydration part of training too. 

Even if you are not on the track or outside, you definitely need to stay hydrated. Water is one of the main nutrients our bodies needs to thrive! If we are not even doing physical activity and are at work or at home, it is still an important part of our health. 



The Signs & Symptoms of Dehydration: 

  • lack of concentration
  • early fatigue
  • lower mental stamina
  • trouble tolerating heat
  • delayed recovery
  • muscle cramps (OUCH!)
  • headaches
  • changes in urine color (darker means dehydrated) (tip: shoot for lemonade looking color)
  • skin also can suffer long term causing wrinkles or dryness earlier in life


When should you drink more fluids?

  • in the heat and humidity
  • hard training periods
  • when you go to places or are in hotter temperatures than you normally are
  • when you travel via airplane
  • in higher altitudes
  • surgery
  • illness/sickness
  • recovery or rest days
  • after drinking alcoholic beverages


What is the recommended amount of water per day?

64  fluid ounces or 8 cups of water. This is about 2 liters of water per day. If you exercise most days of the week you definitely want to shoot for more than the 64 fluid ounces minimum. 


Which beverages and foods count toward your fluid intake?

  • Of course, water is the best fluid to consume, but sports drinks like Gatorade  or Powerade can also be helpful because they have fluid, electrolytes, and carbohydrates. Flavored sports taste better and can help in stimulating more drinking and improving hydration. 
  • low fat or flavored milk 
  • Powerade Zero or Gatorade (G2) for less sugar or lower calorie needs
  • coconut waters like by Zico
  • juices that contain vegetables and fruits (added bonus points for extra superfoods). Brands I like: Juice Society, Snap Kitchen's, or Suja. 
  • using Nuun Hydration tablets, or electrolyte packets like I.V. Liquid in water bottles 
  • you can also get fluids by eating: soups, stews, fruits, vegetables, popsicles, ice cream, or fruit based frozen desserts. 
  • chop up fresh fruit slices into your water
  • sparkling or mineral waters such as La Croix or Topo Chico also count



Tips for meeting your hydration goals:  

  • carry an empty sports bottle with you (at desk at work, in bag or back pack, on side table at home) and refill 
  • have a several water bottles stashed away at work
  • choose water bottles that are easy and require little effort to open (straws or sports bottle tops)
  • set a timer on your watch or phone for each hour of the day
  • set a schedule: when you wake up, get to work or with breakfast, at lunch, an hour before work is over at snack times, when you get home, and before bed. If you workout set time to drink before  and/ after working out.  


What are some of your favorite ways to stay hydrated? For me a sports bottle is usually the best and EASIEST ways for me to remember to drink water. I also LOVE having flavored water or a low calorie juice with extra super foods! YUM!


Let's Shine,