Boston Marathon Mani Event @ Polish Parker & Roe

In April to celebrate the final week leading up to the Boston Marathon, I put together an event for other Boston bound women at Polish Parker & Roe. At this event we were able to relax a little and get our nails Boston marathon-themed done. 

We were so lucky to get such amazing sponsors and giveaways for the women. Here's what the ladies (and a few men!) enjoyed:


Healthy Bites from Vital Kitchen :

All the foods are made fresh by the chef/owner Veronica of Vital Kitchen. We had tabouleh, deviled eggs, homemade healthy candy bars (so good!), and tried out one of their vegan options. 


Wine Pairings from Scout & Cellar: 

All the wines are sulfur-free which allows you to have your glass or two of bubbly without the sluggishness that sulfur containing wines bring.


Freebies & snacks for the runners: 

The spread from left to right:

  • Revere cardio and strength protein packets
  • Wipala snacks
  • KIND snack bars


All the fun: 

Stayin' Polished 

The BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to Polish for allowing us to celebrate this running achievement at their beautiful salon. If you haven't had a chance yet to get your nails done be sure to check them out in Sawyer Heights area. 

Thanks so much to everyone who came to get your nails done! & everyone of these ladies dominated out there on the Boston Marathon course. Special thanks to our giveaways as well from: Fleet Feet Sports who gave away a pair of New Balance shoes, Activ Rehab for a free adjustment, and Balega for some pretty nice 4 pair of running socks!

I am hoping to make this an annual event and am looking forward to making the event grow!


Let's Shine, 



Let's Shine,