MsIndependent HerChef Series featuring Latin Vegan Cuisine

A couple of months ago my blogger friend Erin Creeks (@msindependentgp) asked me if I would like to do a pop dinner collaboration her. I would come up with the menu and cook first I was very very nervous abou it. I loved cooking at home for myself, Fredis, my family, and friends, but that was it. I had never actually cooked for a group or considered myself a chef. 

But this year I made a promise to myself to do more things for my brand, talk more about food as a creative Latina Dietitian, and be more true to culture. So after a few weeks of going back and forth, I met up with Erin again and took her up on her idea and to collab. 

The menu was inspired by my everyday Latin cooking. Most of my food is Mexican based, but since dating Fredis I have adopted more Central American flavors. The food was also all made from scratch (except for the tortillas) and prepped and cooked in healtheir ways. I am definitely someone who loves their Latino dishes, but still wants them to healthy! 

The event took place at Etta's Kitchen in Houston. The event space had all the ingredients needed to help prep last minutes foods, all dishes, appliances, cookware, and dinnerware available. Seats, tables, and linens were also provided. If you are looking to do a quick food event I highly recommend reaching out to them . Plus the decor is so homey and earthy. It was perfect for something casual, intimate, and so new to Houston pop up scene.

The event was called Her Chef Series and will hopefully evolve into something much larger for Erin. So if you see another pop up, definitely check it out!

The featured menu was: 

1st course: Plantain tostones with Mango salsa

2nd course: Chickpea Chile Verde Soup

3rd course: Mushroom Flautas with spicy pepita sauce

4th course: Matcha ice cream + Caramelized plantains (which were extra extra yum!)

All in all despite all the nerves it was a successfull event that I was delighted to be a part of. I got a lot of great feedback, questions on plant based diets, and even had inquiries on whether I cater now. Please check out the photos and I hope to see you at a foodie event soon!



To be honest, I am not quite sure what will sprout from this one even, but I do want to continue showing off the foods I have most fun and healthy ways to enjoy traditional Latino foods. One HUGE thing I learned from this experience with Erin is that sometimes we can be our biggest barrier on our road to success. It's a good thing  I have a friendn like Erin to keep me hustlin and pushing to do more. Thanks Erin for the confidence boost and for being an honest, hard working boss lady. Definitely learned to lean in and just say yes. 


Lets Shine,