5 Reasons You Need to Check Out Houston's 1st Running Studio

2 weeks ago Houston welcomed its very first running studio, Race Pace! The super modern running studio is well equipped with top of the line running treadmills and local running coaches to get you into tip-top shape.  The studio is located in the up and coming Washington Arts District at The Silos at 1502 Sawyer Street.

I tried out two RP Endurance classes and really enjoyed the variety and that it pushed me enough to know where I currently stand in my training. The really great thing about the class was that YOU SET THE PACE for your workout and they guide you through the finish. This makes it much more approachable for any runner and personalized at the same time.



Here's a list of reason on why you should try it out and some takeaway info on my experiences at Race Pace: 

1. For all running levels

No matter where you are in your training- first timer, seasoned, or jut wanting to take your training to another level, RP has a class for you!

The classes they have available are:

 RP Starting line that is 35-34 mins long with extra guidance and instruction provided throughout the class for those just getting their feet wet. This class would also be good for those that are getting back into running after a break or injury.   

RP Speed for those 800-5k speedsters that need that extra umph and better turnover for 40-50 mins. The speedy class integrates hills and fast intervals to get your fast twitch muscles ready for your next race!

RP Endurance class is 50-60 mins long that includes hills and interval training. This class would be best for those seeking tempo runs with longer duration to maximize training thresholds. (I've tried this one twice and really enjoyed that each was different workouts!) I recommend this one for runners planning to do 10K and up!


2.  Run-to-the-Beat Music

This is the energy setter for the studio! The instructors set a playlist with the rhythm of the workout. During each rest period, the music slows and volume lowers, and speeds up when intervals or hills are being powered through. The music for me added a big fun factor and really helps push you to keep up a certain pace! 

One thing I particularly like is that the music really fits the workouts, are fun, up-beat, and mostly current. The tunes are a mix of pop, hip hop, and electronic music. Plus, they take music requests!  I am super excited to see more music playlists reflect each instructor and their running class.


3. Close-knit Running Community

Jeff and Shiva Douse have been building a community of runners around their studio way before they  opened RP doors 2 weeks ago. Each instructor is also a local runner that shares their love of running with everyone. RP also has weekly social runs at Holler Brewing Co. which is literally around the block, and are scheduled to have community runs for the special running holidays like Global Running Day on June 7th! You can find any kind of friendly runner there eager to connect and make new friends (myself included!).

Stay tuned for more events from RP!


4. The Wonderful Woodway Treadmills

I had never ran on a Woodway Treadmill prior to Race Pace, but quickly noticed the difference once I stepped on for the warm up. The treadmills have great bounce back and produce less friction (meaning more power and less energy you need to exert) per stride!

You can easily adjust inclines and speeds. The speed adjustments and hill inclines are also gradually eased into, which is great for non-hill runners in Houston. You also have a enough room  up front to feel secure and  to produce a strong stride!

One other thing I noted was that the treadmills produced less noise than your conventional treadmill so you can hear the music and instructor more clearly! 


5. 'Cool' Factor Elements

If the 4 reasons above are not enough for you consider these too: the lights are so fun, they highlight extra colors, and make you feel you are in a dance club (haha!). The mirrors in the studio are also up front and to the right-hand side so you can watch your arm form and stride. The studio is also all air conditioned. So say good bye to post-work training runs in the 90 plus degree heat. Get yourself to RP, get a killer workout in, and socialize --all in air conditioning!



If you still haven't checked out Race Pace, head to their website  and your first class is free! If you also want to join them on June 7th for some World Running Day fun head to their studio for $1 donation run, which benefits The Chevron Houston Marathon Foundation. 

Hope to see some you guys there!



Let's Shine,