Alphabounce Undye Meets Winter Athleisure

Most of the time during the week you will find me in scrubs and in workout clothes. I have a fast paced life of 10 hour clinic days and fit in time to go the gym or go running right after. So you can just imagine what my closet looks like during the week! With my tendonitis issues I had to cut back on much I was wearing flats, boots, heels because I didn't want to aggravate it.  So the next best and most stylish thing was SNEAKERS. 

Right now you can really find me in workout clothes and things that are easy and super simple to throw on. As we see things starting to mesh together in health, fitness, and even tech, I am so excited to see that style and clothing is starting to move in a functional direction.  It just makes it easier to go from work to gym to dinner with friends a coffee date or meeting all in one day seamlessly while still looking presentable and not like I just left the gym.  


For this shoot, I threw on this long sleeve sweater dress by Adidas. On the sleeves you can see the velour details in the stripes and even near the shoulders. LOVED this dress because its something I can throw on the weekends or even right after the gym with my sports bra and shorts still under- if needed. 

Paired the dress with the new Adidas Alphabounce Undye to keep the look simple, clean, minimal (all the things I like!). All the details in the undye model are also special because of the contrasting grip color, the stitching, and even how Adidas is now using reusable fabrics to cut down on waste. The shoe is definitely made for the gym and the clean look allows you to easily get moving to your next thing after. 


The location of this shoot, is pretty funny too.. we actually took the shots right outside of our four-plex, and in the backyard of a 'for sale' house. The minimal environment allows the minimal effort and style of the outfit to pop and tell its own story. 

Check out the pics that Fredis captured below:


PLUS! Day for Night is THIS weekend so if you are there you may catch me in this outfit with an extra layer or two!

What outfits are you wearing to the festival? Drop a comment below on what you are wearing and how you like to style your sneakers!


Let's Shine,