Fit & Healthy Travel Tips

Normally, keeping a fitness and food schedule while at home can be crazy or manageable most weeks. But how about when we travel? We don't want to completely NOT have a good time or give up our fitness goals. So which do we choose? The good thing is that we CAN have both! 

Recently went on a trip to Mexico City over the weekend I made it a point to do a few of these things to stay on track with my with #fitfam and still eat my tacos and pan dulce! Sharing some ideas to stay with it! 


Fit & Healthy Travel Tips:

  • Keep a regular routine the week of your travels. Even if there is a million an done things to do, it helps you manage stress, feel good, and stay optimistic. 
  • Search for fitness classes or events in the area you are visiting 
  • Look up parks where you could potentially get a run at or park workout tin
  • Go for a run from where you are staying and explore! its the best way to find new things around you
  • Find city bikes that you can take with you around the city
  • If you are staying at hotel with a gym, care out time in the morning to get one day!
  • Drink plenty of water when you wake up, throughout the day, and before bed to
  • Stay hydrated on the plane
  • Go to bed at decent time and make sure to get your recommended 7-9 hours of sleep time
  • Eat veggies! don't forget to eat vegetables at meal times to help you body stay full of good stuff, keep from binging, and help your skin adjust to temps, clime, and travel
  • Look up smoothie, juice, and healthy eating spots in your city! 

It's always best to keep up your healthy lifestyle outside of your normal environment. I recommend this to keep up your immunity, stay energized upon return,  and to help you not overindulge and maintain a healthy weight. I also encourage always indulging on things that are extra special on the trip and limiting alcoholic beverages that can leave you dehydrated or drained the next day!

Make sure to still have fun and not worry about what you're doing or not doing! Enjoy your next jet-set!


Let's Shine,