#NaturalDeodorantChallenge with Source Vital Apothecary for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Can you believe it is already October? As much as I am ready for pumpkin spice lattes, cool morning runs, and nice seasonal smells to start whisping through, we also start to see a lot of PINK everywhere for Breast Cancer Awarneness Month!

What I is even more special about this month is that until the end of October, Source Vital Apothecary will be donating portions of the sales from their Natural Deodorants to The Rose, a local charity in Houston that supports and help Breast Cancer warriors receive mammograms and /or treatment. PLUS they are donating $5 to The Rose for each bottle that is purchased. 

Women use all kinds of beauty products everyday that are filled with toxins and cancer-linked chemicals. so in the past few years, i have started to make a switch from conventional products to more natural products, especially when it comes to products I put on my skin. I'm so excited to continue transitioning from conventional products like deodorant to more natural ones like Source Vital Apothecary's natural deodorant!

Why is conventional deodarant linked to cancer?

Antiperspirants were made to block sweat and reduce the amont of sweeting that occurs.One of the main active ingredients is Aluminun which as been linked to cancer and hormone disruption.  

We use antiperspriants around our underarms where major lymph node tissue is located. These nodes are also connected to breast tissues and nerve systems. 


Why is natural deodorant the way to go? 

Natural deodorants do not:

  • clog your pores
  • have ingredients that are harmful  
  • tuen the underarm areas of clothing yellow
  • disrupt our body's natural way of sweating out toxins  

Vital Source products are made with clean, all natural ingredients that strive to keep its community healthy and live its healthiest active life possible!!

Want to join on this clean beauty challenge? to support source vital apothecary and The Rose show off your products on any social media outlet and participate in the contest! 

To enter contest:

  • make the pledge to switch to a natural deodorant 
  • share it on social media and use #naturaldeodorantchallenge and tag @sourcevital
  • **Each post counts as a separate entry. No purchase necessary.

Prizes include: 

  1. Weekly drawings for year of supply of Deozein Natural Deodorant

  2. Grand Prize: Source Vital Product Basket + $250 Source Vital Gift Card + $1,000 donation in your name to The Rose. 

You can make your Natural Deodorant purchase here using this link to Source Vital Apothecary 

Feel free to also buy any other products you think you may like! ( My eyes have been on the essential oil diffuser and special essential oils pack for Athletes to help soothe muscles and help you relax after workouts and runs! 


Let's Shine,