What To Do When You Have a Running-related Injury

All runners will experience pain from running at some time in their careers. If you know that you are having some pain somewhere in your leg, hip, calf, foot, heel, toe, etc and it's not  broken then you are probably the effects of running. 

Recently, I had to cut back on my mileage due to an injury with Anterior Tibial Tendonitis. For about 2 weeks I back off on mileage and was still feeling nagging tightness around my shin and calf, so I ended up going to Airrosti Rehab Centers. They have helped me out A TON! They even helped me identify all the things I wasn't and was doing that may have caused my injury. 

It's been 6 weeks of their treatment and I am back to running 4 miles fairly comfortable again. I have really been on an Ice, sleep, water, and injury treatment non stop. Here is what I have been doing to help the inflammation go down and improve my running game:


Use a foam roll everyday (maybe even 2 times per day)

I use the deep tissue Gaiam foam roller to help massage large areas of muscles that feel tight. Try to apply as much pressure and body weigh on the areas that are causing the most issues. 

It is recommended to roll out an area for 2 mins (but not longer) so that you don't over work those tissues and end up counteracting the benefits. 


A Trigger Point ball or tennis ball works wonders

Use the ball to get to hard to reach areas like the side of your glutes/hip area, inside of the chin or calf, , ankle, and foot. To apply pressure and roll out it is best to use your hand.

Roll out this area with pressure for about 2 mins again. You can also roll through , and hold  with pressure on areas that feel most tight. 


Stretch everyday

For the stretching you can do normal/basic static stretches that help with specific sites at a time. Another idea would be do use rope stretching. I like doing this especially because I can no longer touch my feet, but the rope helps to provide stretches that are deeper than you would normally get without it. 

 If you are not one to stretch everyday I also encourage you to go to a yoga class at least once per week. 


Don't be afraid to get in the gym

Most runners despise going to the gym and lifting some weights. And I get it after putting in an hour or more of running per day, the last thing you wanna do is pump some iron for another hour. BUT, listen. Getting in the gym can also be for strengthening. The stronger we get our muscles and tendons stronger, the better our biomechanics will be, posture while running, and more controlled foot placement (good bye, heel strike!).

Areas I like to target: hips, glutes, core, and arms 


Do a different aerobic activity

There may be a time during your injury to where you are unable to run and the doc is saying you shouldn't either..so what do you do to reduce stress and get endorphins? Other activities are: roller blading, swimming, cycling, rowing, stair master, or elliptical. 


Invest in quality running shoes

We need our feet for even just a better quality of life, so it's important to take super great care of them. Make sure to switch out shoes often and especially if the grips are worn out, are the right size, and fit your arch well. 

I recommend going to a running specialty store if you can, because they ask specific questions about your running that can help you stay healthy and ward off injuries. 


Let go of where you were in your running

If you were at 10 mile runs everyday or even 3 mile runs everyday and you got injured, let that ish go! Injuries set us back a little but also set you up for something way bigger. Your body will recognize the running when you start back up. It may take time to get back, but you will. Trust that injuries teach you about where you are right now.


Your body is the most important thing you own! Don't forget to also take care of it at all times. What do you guys do during time you are injured? Or if you have been injured, what did you do get back in shape and prevent another injury from happening?


Let's Shine,