Outerwear that Makes You Feel Powerful on the Inside Ft. New Balance

With the crazy Houston weather going from sunny, cool, breezy, rainy, and freezing (by Texas standards), it's hard for a runner to gauge how many layers or even how thick of jacket they should wear before heading out on a run. If you're like me, you want to wear running clothes that:

  • are light-weight
  • absorb moisture
  • are functional (e.g has hidden pockets to place keys in)
  • aesthetically pleasing enough to wear post-workout

When I did this shoot for Fleet Feet Houston, I found that this jacket had all 4 of these must-have characteristics. Not to mention this COLOR is just amazingggg. I think I have a thing for burgundy-purplish hues cause I like the way it looks on my skin :) I also love that I automatically felt so powerful wearing this jacket. & thats exactly how I like to feel in my workout clothes--confident, cool, powerful. 

You can find this jacket on the  New Balance website in black rose or in Fleet Feet Stores! but hurry, cause the FF Stores have limited supply!

Take a look at these great shots we got of this jacket: 

All photos by Fredis Benitez @fredis_b

All photos by Fredis Benitez @fredis_b

Power Pose. 


Suited up. 


Light enough to never let 'em see ya sweat. 


Comfortable enough to make you feel like there are no boundaries. 


Confidence will take you far, but hard work will always take you farther. 


If you are looking for outwear peices to add to your workout /running collection here are few I also like by NB: Quilted Vest,  Wind Breaker Jacket , Hoodie



Let's Shine,