2XU Compression Review

A few weeks ago I got to try out the 2XU compression socks and running tights. I normally don't wear compression gear when I run or race, but have always been a fan of running in tights, racing in briefs, breathable socks--basically anything fitted, comfy, and good to run in.  For any Houston friends that want to try them out they will be at Fleet Feet Houston-Rice Village Location to talk more about their products alongside Under Armour. Event is from 6:30-8:00p! 

After trying on the tights and socks, I became a fan of their products. I would recommend these to runners who: 

  • experience chaffing from shorts after long periods of running
  • get shin pain
  • feel aches or tenderness around feet or ankles
  • get really sweaty from legs/feet
  • feel off balance when foot strikes the ground
  • doesn't like it when shorts "ride up" and constantly have to adjust

After looking up more of their products and the science around compressions here are some PROs I have about thier products :

  1. The sock compression fabric helps to provdide support around  the shin, calf, ankle, achilles and arch of the foot
  2. Keeps feet dry and has sweat protection
  3. Increased awareness of where foot strikes, which leads to less pain/injury long-term
  4. The tights also provide needed support for glutes and core muscles--which also help keep your hips strong and injury-free!
  5. Less likely to get harmful bacteria caught in your clothing 
  6. Extra cushion around areas that absorb most force/friction
  7. Fabrics were comfortable!
  8. Enhance recovery of the muscles where the fabircs are surrounding

A few CONs about the products

  1. They did get a little tight around my calf area after keeping them on for a while
  2. Socks can be a little difficult to put on- which can be an issue of you're an early riser runner and eveyr minute counts in the early AM
  3. The running tights can also get a little tight around the thigh/quad area

Again, if you are looking around for more running-centered clothing and looking into compressions I would highly recommend their lines. These peices would also be good for those that are doing triathlons or ultra marathoning.


If you end up going to the Fleet Feet Houston Event, let me know! or come say hi! I'll be there to learn more about the running products and then after to check out the new Hop Doddy Burgers restarunt in the Rice Village area. 



Let's Shine,