Busy-bodies Guide to Crushing Weekday Workouts!

From the 8-10 hour work day to the commute to and after work, plus squeezing in all the friend, family, grocery shopping, cooking, and just plain relaxing time, it can be hard to find time to get a sweat in. There are many of us who would like to get more regular exercise in during the work week rather than on weekends but are unsure of where to start. I had this issue as well when I started a 10 hour/day job and then a 8 hr/week part time, but have tried  few things to help me manage and schedule my time more efficiently to break in a sweat at 5-6 times per week. Sharing some ideas with you all so you can continue crushing your fitness goals!

Here's a list of some tips for you guys! 

  1. Pack a gym bag with your workout essentials the night before and put it by the door so you don't leave without it. 
  2. Keep an extra pair of clothes in the trunk of your car--for surprise workouts or for when the workout bug bites!
  3. Find a gym that is most convenient for you to get to. It can be close to your workplace, home, or en route to either one of these. 
  4.  Create a schedule of your workouts and where they will be and STICK TO IT. This helps too because you see the workout you have done and your commitment as each day passes
  5. If you have a studio membership sign up for classes when they  open so you lock yourself in! PLUS there's also a higher monetary commitment tied to it as well. 
  6. Have a snack at work or before your workout so you don't go home to eat instead...because we all know what ends up happening . 
  7. Make a friend an accountability partner  to  meet up with for workouts or message each other throughout the week to motivate each other to stick to it. 
  8.  Group classes and/or fitness events are also a good way to make it a social time for you and friends! So gather up your #fitsquad and schedule a sweat party for the group to meet, exercise, and be better together!

Hope some these ideas and tips help you and friends keep up the fitness routine! Let me know how a few of these work via Instagram, twitter, email or comment below!



Let's Shine,