Tarte Athleisure Make-up Review

I normally don't wear a lot of make up throughout the week, and definitely really try to not wear it while working out. Don't get me wrong, I like make up, but sometimes I'd rather have a healthy, clean complexion naturally, than to be have to be covering up scars or blemishes from everyday make up wear. I'm willing to bet I'm not the only girl that has a few skin issues when you accidentally forget your make up remover wipes. 

Most of the time, my make up routine is pretty simple, but there are days when I do feel like looking a little more on the brighter side, even when I'm in the gym or running on the trails. A couple of my months ago, my sister gave me the Tarte Gym Bag Essentials collection for my birthday (thanks again sis!)

So far I've had pretty positive results with it! It's light, keeps my face feeling fresh, brightens up and give me a more 'awake' face-even on my crack of dawn work days. What I like most about this new wave of athleisure make up is that I can easily wear it throughout the day and then go work out in it without the worry of blemishes appearing the next day.  These are some of the products I've been using from Tarte:

  • Tarte 'Lifted' Mascara- really was impressed with this one. I liked that I actually did revive my lashes and is waterproof. It gives a nice natural look to my lashes and didn't get 'spidery or cakey'. I've even started using this as my go-to everyday mascara. I do, however, have to brush through at 3 times to get the lift and depth I want
  • 'Brighter Days' Highlighting Moisturizer-  kept my face hydrated throughout the day and  had a nice glow effect on my skin.  Most of the time i wear this after a workout to help keep that nice flushed looked going, or to work on days I don't wear tinted moisturizer or make up. I like that it was also very light and didn't clog my pores after wearing for more than 6 hours.
  • Tarteguard 30- I would wear this SPF during my morning or afternoon runs, and if I was going to step out for some errands. I like wearing an SPF to provide protection from the UV sun rays. Since I'm normally outside running, this one product was very essential and important to me to keep sun damage, aging, and wrinkles away!
  • Quench Lip Rescue in Nude- I think this was lip moisturizer stick was easily my favorite and first used product. My lips felt really soft, hydrated, not sticky, and had a nice 'dewy' appearance. Aside from wearing it everyday, during my workouts it helped out so much and I didn't experience any dry-looking lips.
  • Fresh eyes make up remover wipes- fully removed the Lifted Mascara with a single swipe! Th ewipes are so soft on the skin when removing the make up and didn't irritate my skin. The grape seed oil in them leave clean and moisturizing feeling without all the extra redness. They also don't leave my face itchy when I sweat. (a plus!)

Tarte has a Gym Bag Essentials Line that is about $30 in travel-sized containers to take with you from work to gym to anywhere else super easy. The Gym Bag Essentials can be purchased via Sephora as well and contain every Iisted above except the Tarte Guard 30- I got that separately via a sample gift from Sephora.

Let me know if you end up getting it! Or if you have any other athleisure make up recs I could check out! I'm a sucker for clean beauty skincare products. Have a great week friends!

Let's Shine,