Time Off After My Marathon

Since the marathon and qualifying for Boston, I decided to take a 4 week break. I hadn't taken a break from running since my injury the last time I ran a marathon in 2014. Even though I am super excited about my performance (a 3:18!) I felt like it was time for be take a mini running vacation and focus on a few other things. Here's what I have been doing:

1.  Sleeping!

Catching up on some much needed rest was a big thing for me especially within the first couple of days after the race. I needed to sleep to help my body recovery and reset itself. Allowing my body to sleep for an extra 1.5 hours has been a relief and to my daily life, especially since there are some days where I feel I need to stay up later to catch up on a few things around my apartment.  

I've also been in love with sleeping in on the weekends, not having anywhere to be like trails or weight room, and drinking my cup of coffee with a slice of peanut butter toast. I'm a complete morning person and am thoroughly enjoying that I get to relish my time off from running in the mornings before my day begins. 

2. Catching up on errands and..well just life

A lot of times I had put aside washing dishes, finishing folding clothes, sorting through things I no longer needed, and organizing/decorating my apartment to go ahead and run. I've also been able to spend time with friends after work, make phone calls, etc. It's also been really nice to have a little extra free time after to venture throughout the city, go buy a few personal necessities, or even just something simple as go shopping!

One thing I've also been able to catch up on is figure out a few things I want to accomplish next. Whether it be a marathon, where I want my career to go, or even what I want to write next in this blog, I have some more energy to give to these personal pursuits. There were times during my training, where it was hard for me to focus on aside from work duties and training time, so it was nice to have  some extra time to think about and discuss a few goals with a close ones.

4. Making sure I ate well

During my time off, I tried really hard to get enough water, protein, and veggies at every meal. These specific nutrients helped my body recover, have energy, and feel better. I knew that after the marathon, what I ate the first 1 hour to 24 hours would be super crucial to my recovery for the rest of the month. So I made sure to drink a protein smoothie, Powderade Zero, coconut water, and get a good meal in quickly. I also made sure to eat well not just for recovery, but also because I wanted to still take care of myself via my diet. When I eat well I know I feel better just overall, am more productive, and in a better mood. Since I had lowered my endorphins via exercise, what I eat is also important to me to help me feel good all day long. Basically, when I eat well, I fell even better.


All in all, it's good to take time away from exercise and let your bod and mind rest! Trust me--sometimes we just need it! That way when we are ready to return we come back with a clearer picture of what we want and where we are going health-wise.   To be quite honest, the break has really helped me reboot physically, emotionally, and mentally. I am very much looking forward to training at a higher mileage, incorporating workouts, and more consistent strength conditioning. Lots more to come friends! 


Let's Shine, 


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