My Go-to Pre-workout Snacks

You know those mornings where you wake up and instantly feel hungry? As if last night’s dinner was completely nonexistent. Or what about those afternoons right after lunch between 3-5 where you are starting to hear your stomach asking for an early dinner? If you’re going to workout out in the AM or PM before your normal meal times,  you may want to listen to your stomach.

A lot of people usually like to skip a pre-workout meal to fast or even take a pre-work out beverage to help give them a jolt of energy. Depending on what kind of exercise or how long you are going to work out, you may want to fuel up before you begin your sweat session. It is also good to get something in your body to help catalyze your metabolism, help provide energy that will help you last your whole workout session, and also assist in keeping you strong during your activity.

I used to fret about what I was going to snack on before runs, mainly because I didn't know how well it would sit in my stomach. Over the years of different practice times, schedules, and races, I feel like I have a good handle of what works for my body. Normally, I like to focus on a nice carbohydrate and fat ratio with a little bit of protein mixed in to keep me satisfied and energy levels up.  Here are a few of my tried and true pre-workout snacks I like to have:


·      Banana + peanut or almond butter smear + cinnamon to jazz it up

·      Whole wheat Toast + PB

·      A piece of fruit (apple, orange, pear, peach) or half grapefruit—if I am hungry I add nuts

·      A piece of fruit or 1 cup of berries + dark chocolate square

·      A handful of trail mix with nuts + dried fruit

·      A whole grain waffle (a Van’s toaster version) + PB smear+ and sliced strawberries

·      A LARABAR

·      A KIND bar

·       ½ cup of oatmeal + honey+ cinnamon

If you are someone who prefers afternoon workouts, any of the above food choices would be good to pre-fuel your workouts. These are are some more I would recommend as well for the PM-exercisers:

·      ¾ cup of yogurt with berries + nuts or seeds

·      mashed avocado toast

·      hummus with whole wheat pita chips or raw veggies (carrots, baby peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, etc.)

·      ½ or full PB + J sandwich

·      ½ turkey sandwich for the meat-eaters

Sometimes, it is going to take trial-and-error to figure out which snack works out best for you and your body. Explore and taste test these different options to help find which snack helps with energy levels throughout the day and keeps your stomach happy during your workouts. 

Do you already do any of these or other ones? Please share- I 'd love to know!

Let's shine,