Self Care Sessions

Lately, I've been indulging in my alone time and really enjoying getting to know more about myself. For those who know me, I am an extrovert by nature, but definitely enjoy doing things and spending time by myself. I think it's important for myself and others to learn about themselves during 'off-periods'. I find that I grow more into myself the most during these time out sessions.  

There was a time when it was hard for me to allow myself this kind of self care time, simply because I felt like I didn't deserve it or I didn't work hard enough for it, but after years of practice, I'd like to think I got it down pretty well :) So, here it goes!


What is self-care? 

Self care can also be thought of as doing things for yourself that help you become the best version of yourself. It is identifying your needs and taking steps towards actually fulfilling your needs.  Another description of self care is the way or how you nurture yourself. Many times, our level of self care is reflected in how we not only treat others but also ourselves.

I also like to think of self care as an investment into our long term happiness and well-being. It allows us to continuously grow and find an inner freedom that refreshes and recreates us at the level of our heart.


Why is self-care so important? 

Cases in which our self-care is inadequate or lacking, we often give more to others, rather than ourselves. There are some instances where it is sometimes okay to give others more than ourselves, but if it's too many times ,  it can cause an emotional and/or internal conflict with our intuition. Women are most likely to put others first and forget themselves, including myself.  

When you find yourself focusing more on others, rather than yourself, you can become stressed out or run down. For those that spend most of your time caring for others, your own needs can easily take a backseat. This can cause a “running on empty” effect, in which we continuously try to crank out love, happiness, goodness,  and care towards others, when we have very little left and did not get to refuel it in ourselves again.

It is important to balance out life things like activities, errands, housework, job duties, meetings, family, or catching up with friends with time for ourselves. It is vital that this time spent is doing things that revitalize, and bring peace to our minds and bodies. If you end up neglecting your needs and forget to nurture yourself feelings like unhappiness, low self esteem or efficacy, and resentment can manifest themselves. Giving yourself self care reminds you that you are an awesome, competent, deserving, and valuable person!


Things I do for self care:

  • Talk to friends I trust
  • Spend time outside
  • Take a deep breath and close my eyes for a couple of minutes
  • I make sure I eat my fruits, veggies, and drink plenty of water
  • I get enough sleep (either going to bed early, sleeping in, or take a nap)
  • I go for a run or do other exercise
  • ·Allow myself a few extra minutes in the hot shower
  • Listen to music I enjoy
  • Listen to ted talks or podcasts
  • Read a book
  • I buy myself little things: nail polish, lotions, a new moisturizer, bath soaps, etc
  • I feed my mind positive affirmations or mantra 
  • Write down things that have been on my mind in my journal
  • I break out my paint or pastel colors and get creative


In Sweat X Shine I enjoy touching on other topics like my music, nutrition, and running, but I especially like writing about emotional and mental health topics like this one. This topic has been hitting home for me very much. I've been finding that as I begin to take on more responsibilities personally, professionally, and just in every day life, it can get overwhelming for me. I don't particularly see this in in a negative way, but in a very positive way (due to self care regimen).  I'm feeling very excited and optimistic about what is to come over the summer!

Hope you guys enjoyed this read as much as I enjoyed writing and sharing it!

Let's Shine,