Morning Workout Motivation

I am a morning person. I love waking up early, having my cup of coffee, checking emails, making breakfast, getting little things done before heading out for the day,  and of course making sure I get my workout in.  

I'm not sure if it's all the years  of having to get up for workouts before class to where I am now used to (or immune to) morning runs, but I like the feeling of getting something accomplished bright and early. Not to mention, I like knowing that the hardest part of my day is completed and I made it through my workouts alive.  I wasn't always this easy for me, and to be honest, even though I am a morning person, sometimes I would just rather be in my bed with a book  in my hand than trying to wake my body up outside on the pavement. 

If you are also an early riser and early morning workout person, shout out to you too, but if you aren't and have been trying to transition to morning workouts, here are a few motivation tips to help you get started:


Set a fun music alarm

Change the way you think you about waking up, the moment you wake up. Try setting a new ring tone to your phone that doesn’t make you hate it as soon as it goes off.  OR you can also set your alarm to a jam that gets you hyped for your day.


Get enough sleep

There’s a ton of people who say they can function on 4-6 hours of sleep, but if you are exercising you probably need more to help with recovery so you don’t get sick or injured. By setting a reasonable bedtime and sticking to it, you can get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep you need. Your body will be thanking you in the morning instead of pushing that snooze button for the 3rd time.


Drink water

I’ll admit it. This one is always hard for me to do, but when I drink water with lemon the first thing in the morning rather than my nice cup of coffee, I feel so much better. Drinking water when you wake up catalyzes your metabolism, wakes up your digestive system, and begins your daily hydration. Remember your body just went all night without water or food, so it’s essential to start replenishing your system right away.


Write your goals somewhere you can see them

I like keeping track of my goals and writing them down definitely helps to solidify what I want to do in the near or distant future. Look at them in the morning when you get up, recite them, and believe in your goals.  Here are a few ideas to help you track your goals:

  • Write them in your notes section on your phone
  • Stick post its on your mirror, calendar, or bed post
  • Sketch them in a journal along with motivating quotes or mantras


Change your attitude about workouts

You know those sayings “Perspective is everything” or “Change your attitude, change your altitude”? Well they’re kind of true.  Try looking at working out, going to the gym, or going for a run as something that makes you feel good, is good for your body,  aand keeps you strong rather than as a chore or job.  Yes, the workouts are hard, they hurt, and staying in bed is more enjoyable, but that feeling when you finish your workout and are super proud of yourself-- is priceless, am I right?


Get ready for the next day

To help start your day right, it can help to set aside your workout clothes and shoes for the next morning that way you’re not scrambling around wasting time that can cut time out of your workout. Get your work clothes and other things like breakfast, lunch, etc ready for the next day to help smooth out your morning routine.


Set a routine

It typically takes 30 days to make exercise a habit, especially a morning exercise routine. Make a schedule for yourself for the week about what your exercise plan will look like. Sometimes, it helps to know ahead of time what my exercise plan will look like that way I can plan that time for myself and schedule other things around it. This is an example of mine:

Monday- 5 miles

Tuesday- 6 miles + weight training

Wednesday- 4 miles + foam roll

Thursday- 5 miles

Friday- 6 miles + weight training

Saturday- 5 miles + yoga

Sunday -day off


Be easy on yourself

If you miss a morning of workouts don’t beat yourself up. Set aside some time later in the day to actually do it.  If the day just slips away, again be gentle on yourself. Just get right back on schedule the next morning.   

Even if you don’t finish what you were planning and only did half of it or couldn’t do it as fast or as much as you wanted, it’s OKAY.  Every time you make time to do something good for your body, it's a step in the right direction and the effort you put it in is not entirely lost.


Relish in your morning

Instead of rushing through your run or workout, make a point to stay in the present moment. Check in with yourself and what is going on around you.  These are some things I try to think about when I am out exercising that make it enjoyable:

  • Notice the sunrise
  • How quiet it is outside
  • How the coolness of the fog feels on my skin
  • Take this time to meditate
  • Pat myself on the back for actually getting up and taking care of myself


If you are an early morning workout warrior, what keeps you motivated and pumped to get to the gym or hit the trails? Let me know! I love hearing from my readers and having a blast sharing with you guys more of my running/workout tips.


Let's shine,