Affirmations Make the Training Go 'Round

You know that saying "you are what you think" or " "what you think you become"? This means we need choose our words carefully and say only what will benefit us and help us reach our highest potential. Affirmations can help us clean out the negative thoughts or beliefs in our brains and begin to construct new ones until they manifest themselves into our reality.  The word affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning, “to make steady, strengthen.”  Which is why affirmations require recitation and daily practice.

When I was in the midst and recovering from my eating disorder, I turned to a lot of quotes or phrases to help me get through that rough period in my life. Although these peaceful groups of words provided a kind of healing for me at that time, it was when I learned how to change the quotes or phrases into firm statements about myself that they become even more powerful. I would read and recite these affirmations throughout the day to hopefully not only say them, but to think it, believe it, and then actually witness my words become who I am today.

The kinds of thoughts I've allowed to filter through have become so important to me the past few months that I've re-tapped into my podcast library to find some new ways to strengthen my mind. Affirmations can become such a powerful tool if utilized efficiently and if you are fully vulnerable with yourself about what you need.

In the past, I would continuously use affirmations to help me get through different phases of my life that it has now become a daily habit of mine.  I am currently using affirmations to help me get through the physical, mental, and emotional parts of my marathon training.  The marathon is coming up (January 15!) and I'm preparing myself for some painful miles. I’d like to share with you all a few (or 10!) that are helping me get through the training miles:

1.     Today’s run is good for my body and am grateful for this body.

2.     I am strong and can do anything I put my heart and soul to.

3.     I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

4.     I take care of myself everyday and am glowing with self -love.

5.     The things I do bring me so much joy and will share it with others.

6.     I am feeding my body with good energy right now and the rest of the day.

7.     I put energy in to the things I am passionate about.

8.     I am powerful and will not be stopped.

9.     I will finish the marathon in January.

10.   The difficulties in my life right now are just short phases and are making me better.  

I’m having the best time training right now. I am super excited for the Houston Marathon to get here and to share my experience with everyone. What are some of your favorite affirmations? What are some that you are currently using? If you’d like to share please leave a comment below.

 Let’s Shine,