17 Easy Snacks That Will Leave You Feeling Energized & Satisfied


How was everybody’s weekend? My weekend was definitely spent relaxing, sleeping, and spending some time with friends. With a really busy schedule I have been honing in on much simpler meals and snacks to make my work week a healthy one.  Even with a busy schedule, it's still important to not forget about ourselves (and our stomachs!). To save me time and money I normally pack a meal and a few snacks to have with me throughout the day at work. 


I find that when I take meals and snacks to work, I have a lot more energy, I focus better, I have less cravings for sweet or salty foods, and I am able to have better quality workouts AND sleep later that day! 


Today I am sharing some ideas for snacks to take to work or even have at work and before your workouts! These ideas have lean proteins, healthy fats and fiber to keep us all fueled up and full.


A rule I have for my snacks so that I get balanced snacks is to include a healthy protein and/or fat so that I don’t overeat my snacks and stay satisfied with my food choices. They also are super easy ones to pack the night before your workday.  


Snack ideas to keep on hand:  

  1. cucumber or jicama with chili powder and lime
  2. snap peas with avocado/guacamole dip
  3. carrots and fresh snap peas and hummus
  4. peanut butter and crackers
  5. orange and almonds
  6.  apple and peanut butter
  7. other piece of fruit with string cheese
  8. half a PB sandwich
  9. avocado toast with tomato slices
  10. greek yogurt with nuts and fruit
  11. whole grain popcorn with string cheese and/or almonds 


with meats or eggs:

  1. carrots or sliced red peppers with turkey slices
  2. boiled eggs with paprika and cherry tomatoes
  3. tuna with Whole-grain crackers (i.e. Triscuits)
  4.  half a turkey sandwich with your fave veggies
  5. or half an egg and avocado sandwich/toast
  6. an RX Bar  


Most of these options are already in individual sized packages to make them easier to carry along (i.e. nuts, proteins bars, fruits, etc) and a few may take extra mins to prep at night or before work. These are all options I also recommend to folks who are trying to manage their weight, keep weight on, or just want to  improve their time at the gym. They are all wholesome, minimally processed ideas that I think any fit foodie can appreciate!


What are some of your fave healthy snacks? Please comment below!


Let's shine,