Greys-ful Neutrals to Own Your Workout In + Adidas

Last time on Sweat X Shine-Style I shared some Fall colors that are in right now with activewear. This time, I am sharing some neutrals that are always timeless and are wearable year-round. 

This Adidas activewear outfit is the ultimate minimalistic vibe where the style is found in the details. When the cooler temps roll around, I like throwing on a light tee that can still keep me warm and go for more neutral colored active wear that matches the weather. 

The gray tights and white top are also colors that are just plain cool, and look great on anyone's skin tone. 

Top: White Warp knit tee- perfect for hot and cooler temps, is dry fit, and the details are all in the tee. The perforated stitches allow for air to flow throw and keeps you cool, so you can keep pushing through your workout. 

Sports Bra: Grey/White Crossback Bra- even thought this is a lightweight sports bra I felt like it gave me enough support and was able to do jumps and run comfortably in this sports bra. Plus, you can wear it with practically everything! White sports bras have become a larger must-have for year round activewear peices. 

Bottoms: Three Quarter Tights- the rectangular shapes around the tights really adds a nice look and shape to legs, thighs and of course the behind! Major win.  I was also pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are and also absorbed sweat well. 

Shoes: Adizero Tempo - shoes are very light, and provide a nice bounce back support due to the BOOST tech they have. Since this model's ole is pretty light I recommend these shoes primarily for shorter races like 5k-10k or even doing some workouts on a track surface. This color way is no longer available on the Adidas website, but a white/grey/yellow color way is linked above! plus they are on sale!


Up close and personal.


Style is in the details. 


Comfortable enough to go jogging in. 


Supportive and easy to move in. 


Dry-fit materials help you keep your cool.


Material is easy to stretch in. 



If you are an  athlete that likes taking your workout outside with cooler temps, I recommend checking out the latest gear Adidas has on their site. They have several hoodies, tees, long tights for warmer weather, and the hottest shoes to help you still get the most of your workout during the fall/winter months. 

What I love most about this set, and the new collections is that  you can easily pair them with items you already have. I also like that it's all about  Style X Comfort X Technical. Running is best supported with gear that will keep you comfortable on the training runs and keep you injury FREE.



Let's Shine,