Build Your Active Wear Closet with YogaClub Box

Okay so before I start with this blog post I would first like to say that even though I am NOT a yoga teacher or an avid yogi, I am however an athlete that has benefited from doing yoga sequences to help stretch out my body. I love doing sequences after runs and before bed. I always feel that it clears my mind, allows my body to breathe, and gets me to find areas that my body needs special attention. 

By now you've also probably figured out that most of my style choices revolve around my running routine and that I do not have nearly enough yoga active wear. Since I have been trying to incorporate my yoga into my running routine, I had to take myself shopping. You would think that I would have been super thrilled about this, but I didn't have the time to search at stores and don't have a large budget to spend $70 on one pair of leggings. 

When my runner and blogging buddy, Lindsay,  told me about YogaClub Box and offered a collaboration opportunity I jumped to share this great deal with you all! Let's be real- we can always use an extra pair of yoga pants, right??

What makes YogaClub valuable?

  • curated active wear from an online stylist and delivered to your doorstep (saves you time!)
  • brand name athleisure selected and purchased for half the price (gives product that is worth your money!)
  • every box is has a retail value of $100 to $160 or more (saves you money!)
  • also involved in charity efforts where EVERY BOX purchased ,ONE CLASS is donated to a child in need. 

How it works: 

  1. Take a style quiz to find out your unique sense of style
  2. Select a Membership Type: Guru is $79/month or Seasonal for $89e very 3 months. Both memeber ships include 3 premium piece sets.
  3. Stylist chooses pieces for you based on your style, body type, and forms of exercise and physical activities you like to do. 
  4. The box is sent to your doorstep!

Some of the brands that can pop up in your YogaClub box include:

  • Free People
  • Glyder
  • Jala
  • Lukka Lux
  • Manduka
  • Nux
  • Onzie
  • Teeki
  • Threads 4 Thought
  • Steve Madden

&& so you guys have a good ideas of what the quality and styles they offer here are some picture of the outfits they curate for you!

Outfit #1:

This outfit is by Threads 4 Thought and was the first one I fell in love with! The print is blue and pink marbled looking. Cute, right? This outfit had the matching sports bra and leggings and a simple clean white tank.  I tied up the tank in a knot to keep things feeling freshh.  Despite it being sunny when I took this photo, the outfit was very breathable. 

The design of the back of the sports bra also helped to keep me from getting too sweaty and was still very subtly stylish.

Outfit #2:

This outfit is by Glyder and really like that the two pieces even though they are super different they went together so well. Glyder seems to be one of those brands that has separates that you can mix and match. The burnt orange color and style of the sports bra are so different and make me feel like I took it up a notch in sports bra variety. The balck leggings also had cool sheer details to provide more breathability in warmer months. 

Outfit #3

This Threads 4 Thought navy blue set was also very similar to the outfit #1 print. The bra had a similar print and detail as the outfit #1 by Threads 4 Thought. The pants were a solid navy color and has ruching along the front of lower leg which was a nice change and added a 'motto' look. The pants were so comfy and I have been wearing them at least once a week since this shoot.

Outfit #4

In this look, I took both brands and mix matched them to show how well the stylists curate your box and provide peices that you can cross match with the brands. The white tank top in the photos also was very comfortable and had a nice breathability factor from the slits on the back.

All in all, the box was a win! 

I loved that all the pieces were so comfortable and will most likely wear them to other fitness classes like pilates, cycling, or to the gym! 

One last thing to note about YogaClub box is that not all boxes are the same and that each is individually curated by their team stylists so what is for you is chose to be fit for you. If you would like to check out other reviews or videos and what they offer you can head to their website: to find out more. 

Let's Shine,