Global Running Day 2017

Hey friends! Today is Global Running Day!  GRB 2017 is a day to celebrate running culture, promote physical activity, and to enjoy the ability to run. I'd like to think that Global Running Day is also a celebration of living life to its fullest. Running provides so many benefits from stress relief, cardiovascular endurance, community, to self-confidence. How can you not feel so amazing after going on a jog or run?

3 years ago,  I was injured and could barely run 3 minutes without feeling hip pain, but was still out there enjoying every stride that didn't have that sharp sting.  Fast forward to now and am so freakin' happy that I am able to enjoy the sun, cool breezes,  and seeing others out on the trails with me. 

If you're looking past today without even thinking of running, I urge you  to come out and just jog ONE mile! The beauty of running culture, is that we don't care how fast you are, we are just so happy that there's someone else that enjoys this just as much as we do.

Ways to get involved in Global Running Day:

In Houston:

  • The Chevron Houston Marathon Foundation has several events going on all over the city


  • Fleet Feet  Sports of Greater Houston will also be at Kung Fu Saloon at 5317 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007 or and at Hughes Landing in the Woodlands Area. They will have giveaways, raffles, bites and drinnks for participants.


  • Head to Global Running Day website  and take their pledge! You can track your run today via Strava App and connect runners worldwide
  • Run for the Oceans with Adidas.  Be part of the movement and log your miles via Runtastic. It's a movement towards greater sustainability efforts in partnership with the United Nations. 


With all of the stuff going on, I'l be up and moving around in the evening. Hoping to get a few events in and log some miles today!

Let's Shine,