27 Experiences and Lessons Learned at 27 Years Old

My birthday is January 2, and right as the new year is welcomed, my birthday follows.

As 2017 came, flowed, and then flew by during the holidays, I thought a heck of a lot about all things that have happened. This was a pivotal year for me especially because I started to really see myself in a whole new way. I remember closing out 2016 with days where I felt overwhelmed, creatively frustrated, and feeling stuck. There were times when it was so hard to find faith that I would cry to Fredis about feeling like I had so much potential and things weren't progressing as fast as I wanted. Have you ever felt like that too?

Amidst the frustration, I did feel it deep down in my bones that it would get better...and while I did have some lows, the highs always made up for it. 

14 lesson I learned at 27:

  1. If you really need help getting the job done or want to learn from others all you have to do is ask
  2. Be open to collaborations
  3. Don't doubt your abilities
  4. Set aside time for blogging, emails, and IG posts
  5. Set aside time for just yourself. Self care is the ultimate luxury.
  6. Take care of your skin and face. Drink water, wear a hat, and use those face creams, girl. 
  7. Go to Mexico asap. You will have a blast.
  8. Instacart will change your life. 
  9. Toot your horn when you are proud of yourself. Sometimes you have to set aside your ego and be f*cking proud. 
  10. It doesn't hurt to reach out to people and let them know you care, are thinking about them, or admire the work they're doing.
  11. Invest in yourself and your brand. Time, money, relationships, etc.
  12. Sometimes the friends you thought you needed, are actually the ones that have been there since the beginning. 
  13. Save some money for a house, cause you may need that one day.
  14.  Learn how to say “no” more often esp if it gives you more time to do what’s right for you. 

13 experiences I wouldn't trade at 27:

  1. Was finally able to buy my parents gifts they deserved and watch them open them.
  2. Completed one year at Texas Children's Hospital--my first big girl job.
  3. Collaborated with local influencers for local fitness and social events!
  4. Moved in with my better half, my boyfriend, Fredis :)
  5. Invites and collabs for local event, fitness studio openings, and running companies
  6. Learned a lot about how to manage time, deal with a rut, and work through creative lapses
  7. Was sent product by Adidas and New Balance 
  8. Co-Hosted a summer fitness event at The League HTX in July 
  9. Became a contributor for Sweat.com  
  10. Experienced tendonitis and had to take 2-3 months off from running 
  11. Qualified for Boston in January 2017 and got accepted to run in September 2017
  12. Finally went to Mexico City and climbed the pyramids in Teohitucan the day before the eclipse
  13. Contributed nutrition knowledge to PopSugar, The Daily Burn, and Snap Kitchen.  

What a year! To be honest, I am not quite sure what will happen in 2018. One thing I am trying to manifest is learning how to mindfully use my relationships to provide more health and wellness to Houston. I know there is so much more to come and really looking forward for so so so much in 2018 and what I will experience at 28!


Let's Shine,