Hello and welcome to Starla Shines !

Hey there! I am Starla Garcia, a Registered Dietitian and real food lover that is all about creating a balance between my veggie bowls and green smoothies with my love for nostalgic foods from my Latino roots like grandma’s homemade tortillas.

There are so many different ways to approach a healthy lifestyle and it can really start with the real food we eat. My mission is to help you find your way back to your version of health and to use food to nourish a healthy relationship with eating and your body.

This passion for nutrition came from my adolescent years as an NCAA Division 1 athlete caught in new life stages, pressures of performing well, comparison, and perfectionism, where I fell into a 3 year battle with an eating disorder- I restricted, over-exercised, and made myself feel guilty about what I ate.

After years of working alongside my health care team, I became tired of all the guilt, restriction, and started to fear that my life would never change, so I took the first jump into recovery.  Since that first jump I was able to re-nourish myself not just with wholesome foods, but re-frame my mind on how I felt and viewed my body, rebuild my running career, and reclaim my version of womanhood.  Throughout my life I’ve always known I wanted to make a difference in other people’s health and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. My website, Starla Shines, shares what I've learned on my journey to eating well and loving my body in hopes you will be able to define your own version of what overall well-being looks like for you.  


Let's shine,




About Starla Garcia, MEd, RDN

Houston city-dweller, a Rio Grande Valley native, former University of Houston Track and Field/ XC distance runner, and Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. After fully recovering from an eating disorder and experiencing a few injuries during her collegiate and post-collegiate running career,  she reflected on how her nutritional choices and self care could help improve not only her running but also how it made her over well being so much butter.

These days you can find Starla running on her favorite trails in Houston, doing strength training at the gym, and scouring the city for new green juice spots and healthy eats.